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Location St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Introduction I don't know about you but I take more pictures of my food than some people take of their own children. Clearly I have issues... but moving past that, I've decided I need an outlet to display my obsession. Surely there are others out there like me, those who might be interested in what I have to say... at the very least someone in the market for a new recipe?! My Food Infatuation features everything under the sun about food, including my exploration of new foods and new recipes. Believe it or not, up until about 5 years ago, chicken fingers were my go to food, wherever I went?! But after being forced out of my comfort zone to try sushi and Indian food, I quickly realized there was an entire tasty world out there waiting for me to chomp in! My blog not only keeps track of all the recipes I love to make/eat, but it also helps me keep track of my new food experiences, while continuing to inspire the expansion of my culinary horizons. So I hope you enjoy my blog, and you'll join me on my journey. I'm not a chef, nor do I claim to be, I just really enjoy food! ...Besides, cornering unsuspecting family and friends to show/tell of my kitchen adventures was starting to get awkward ;)