About me

Occupation Queen of Domesticity
Location Willamette Valley, Oregon
Introduction I'm a five year old peach and gray kitty with white booties and bib. I was blessed with a beautiful voice which I use to talk to my human companions, Mom Bean and Pa Bean. I'm prissy and I know it.
Interests Bird watching, window gazing, eating, lap sitting, eating, snacking, flopping on the floor for a belly rub, snacking, sleeping, playing with fake furry mice, playing with pink plastic golf balls, tearing up Kleene, tissue paper, hiding in empty boxes
Favorite Movies I don't do movies, but my human P likes science fiction and my human D likes nature films.
Favorite Music I don't know anything about music, composers and titles. I do know that I don't like loud, and soft music puts me to sleep.
Favorite Books Humph! Don't read. If I did I would be famous.

When you open your eyes underwater, do you ever worry that you'll drown?

Yes, I'm a cat, I don't do underwater!