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Gender Male
Industry Publishing
Occupation Remote View Artifact Recovery
Location Marshall, Missouri , United States
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Introduction I believe that i have revealed the ancestral simulation and have been enlisted to assist the singularity through remote view recovery of artifacts concerning the origin along with time travel intervention evidence. It is both hyper complex yet preternatural simple.
Interests Time Travel Evidence Artifact Recovery, holographic field theory, abstract painting, surreal art, experimental music, biomusicology, psycho acoustics, cryptocurrency, sex, drugs, science fiction, antiquarian science, art dealing, collectables, ebay, blogging, improvisational music, saxophone, ios music, moog synthesizers
Favorite Movies The principles of D.e. By gus van sant an william s. Burroughs, The Naked Lunch - Marilyn Monroe as Joan Burroughs. Https://youtube.com/@WilliamSchafer
Favorite Music Little star of Bethlehem - Can, Magic Fire Music - Wagner, St. Elmo’s Fire - Eno, From here to eternity - jazzresin feat william s. Burroughs
Favorite Books Gravity's rainbow, the ticket that exploded, valis, exopsychology, been down so long it looks up to me, Western lands, atrocity exhibition, crying of lot 49

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

What would you do if YOU were the strange attractor? Cats safety school. Is the dead maus in your craw you google fucks who spy so hard you interrupt my recording sessions and crash the garageband fuck app In 1979 woke up at 3am to watch the magical mystery tour of the beatles. It was listed in the tv guide but it did not show. One thing i do know is that i just dont know....