About me

Location Australia
Introduction I am a very simple twenty something Aussie.In the class of nature I am still a young student, trying to capture life in my camera and words. I have been a chatterbox ever since I was a little girl. If you are wondering aren’t all little girls a chatterbox? I totally agree with you, hence the name. I love talking about everything that affects or even touches our daily life. I believe, sharing views and having a talk about daily goodies and ordinary life troubles is something that needs most of our energy and time. I love my life, my family,my home, my work and everything that is a part of any girl like me.When I stepped in the blogging world, the biggest challenge I faced was the dilemma on how to select what do I actually write about. I believe, do whatever you feel yourself in, write something that reflects your true self. That’s what I decided to do. Having read that, what are you waiting for? Get into the Dialogue with me and have your say.