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Gender MALE
Location New York, New York, United States
Introduction I was born Sept. 27, 1977, in Flushing, NY, and raised in North Babylon, NY. From the suburbs of Long Island I moved to the hills and gorges of Ithaca, NY, studying at Cornell University. There, my spirit was awakened, and everything changed. The Spirit that stirred my spirit brought me to Baltimore and then to Boston. I studied at Boston University School of Theology and learned better how I wanted to live. Today, I am a Capuchin Franciscan friar in simple vows. Yesterday, I was a community organizer in Boston, an editor in New York, and a teacher in Baltimore. Tomorrow, God only knows. Many things interest me, though nothing in particular. I have an abiding interest in living simply and living well. Life that is authentic interests me.
Interests reading, reflecting, listening, praying

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

Ashes and dust ... and it will commemorate the resurrection.