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Industry Arts
Occupation Rock hunter, Jewelry designer, Hockey Mom, Artist, Occasional Weird Person.
Location Ontario, Canada
Introduction Hey there! We're the crazy folks behind the computer monitor you're looking at right now.. We love rocks and gems!! Personally? I love to wake up and have an adventure every day! I'm a rock hunter, a lover of creative things and have a passion for life in general.
Interests Anything that makes my mind go "?" what was that! Life is an adventure just waiting to have the pages turned.
Favorite Movies The Fifth Element - anything with Bruce Willis in it :-)Braveheart... oh there are so many! I love Twister (stop laughing) and good old knight and damsel movies set in olden days with castles and moats. I adore movies like that and will curl up with blankets in the wee hours of the day just to watch them.
Favorite Music John Kilzer, Zakk Wylde, Smart Apple.. I have such vast tastes! Love the Dixie chicks.. classical, ambient, new age... adore acoustic hard rock (Godsmack) and even Ramstien and Clutch at times.
Favorite Books L Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Robert Jordon, Robert Sheckly, Red Dwarf authors.. There is not enough room here for me to write them all down. A good book is like a vacation where you never leave your chair.