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Gender Female
Occupation Dog
Introduction Name:
Chips AKA Chippy Minton, Chipstick, Chip Shop, Chipper

Born in 2000 or 2001

Adopted from Leigh Animal Sanctuary on 9.2.02, stray, age 18 months/2 years

Type: Heinz 57 with (probably) collie/whippet

Sensitive, bright, attentive, overcoming handshyness, nervous around other dogs, toy motivated, thief (cupboards/height no object), fast, fearful yet brave.

Mostly sensitive.

Jumping through a 7’ plate glass window

Biggest expense:
Insurance Professional Development:
Attend Buddues Dog Club training classes
Best event: drop to a down at a distance
Worst event: out of sight stay

Laying in front of the fire
Finding and chewing plastic bottles
Food, any shape form or state of digestion. Click here for details.

2nd: DOG WITH MOST CHARACTER, RSPCA exemption show, July 03
Kennel Club Bronze Citizen, June 2006

Aspirations: Try agility and Flyball