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Occupation I'm the lynch-pin of this organization.
Location Texas
Introduction I'm a seriously quiet girl, who loves a good laugh, with a family who provides many. That is, after I've had time to digest it all. I'm married to the cutest most laid back guy on the planet and have given birth to four of his equally cute and not-so-laid-back kids. "Night night, sleep tight." "But Momma, I need a friend." "Here's your friend, night-night, no peeps." "But Momma, what is tomorrow." "Tomorrow is a stay at home day, no school. Night-night." "But Momma, will you lay with me for just one minute." "Momma has chores to do baby, night-night." "But Momma, will you leave my door cracked." "Yes baby, no peeps now." "But Momma,.." "GO TO SLEEP!"
Interests Sleeping, Reading, Watching T.V., Traveling, and all things incompatible w/ kids.
Favorite Movies I can review a G rated film as well as any film critic!

Chicken monkey shoes?

I think Ace has some. Why?