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Introduction © Copying these words is not acceptable. Make links. But don’t copy. No copycats. This is a noncommercial educational blog. I screen comments. Spams will never get posted. No need to even try. No comments with advertising links will ever be put up. Neither will (joking and satire aside) any personal libel, unless it’s directed only at me. (For obvious reasons, I will not put up comments that contain email addresses. Yes, you may send me comments and request that they not be posted, and yes, I will not post them.) Except for the types just mentioned, all comments, anonymous comments included, are welcomed. Anonymity (or use of monikers) will be respected; no (serious) attempt will be made to 'out' your 'real'-life identity. Use obscenities and expletives if you feel moved to or have your reasons. I don’t mind.