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Introduction Thank you for visiting my labor of love. FYI, I'm a life-long student/practitioner of astrology (including studies with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, UK); I have a serious love for history, current affairs and collective culture, and my work on this blog reflects that and a desire to respond constructively to the challenges of our world. Several articles I've written on mundane topics have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and UK's Astrological Journal. but since I retired from my "day job," teaching in Detroit-area universities, my main writing focus has been this blog and related projects. Five sons and seven grandchildren light up my life and remind me why mundane astrology is so essential: no surprise, we need to leave this world a better place for all our grandchildren, and it helps to understand how planetary dynamics work in society and on the world stage. Happily, mundane astrology no longer serves rulers only--it provides important insights that we can ALL access! Your comments/feedback are always welcome: please feel free to contact me at robertsonraye@gmail.com.