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Introduction I am a poster child of multiple identities, say, blogging while female, lawyering while on sabbatical from math and systems engineering, disputing Einstein by not finding tax taxing, conjecturing opinionated analogies about technology, policy, history and the simulation we refer to, in a figure of speech, as “reality.” Though I procrastinated in astronomy on galaxies and multiverses, it feels more contextual to stay observant of the world’s nano manifestations: the undecipherable encryption of human, social, economic and legal quantum entanglements. I am a quant who, turned barrister, thinks that the Fields Medal for work done under 40 is irrational age discrimination. Among the unique minds thus bypassed were Jim Simons, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Gertrude Blanch or Stefan Banach. This blog echoes where curiosity takes me. It is no promise to stay wed to topics, questions, or today’s catch. Surely you noticed that this world is populated by Schrödinger’s cats. So, carpe diem: read and metabolize insight – heureka, not hiccups. Mandela or Gödel or Buffet call for hallelujah, bullhorn tweets don’t.