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Introduction I’m a financial analyst. I use fundamentals and technical analysis in my investments. I’m a big supporter of the Austrian School of economic thought, but at the time of crisis I believe Keynesians get it right. I always have an eye on macro & microeconomics, I’m a contrarian analyst. Be advised that the views and opinions expressed here are subject to change based on market, economic and other conditions. They are the illustrations of broader economic themes and in no way guarantees your profitability by trading Securities mentioned. I do not claim or guarantee that you will profit from the information provided. I will not be held responsible for any investment actions that you take as a result of Securities mentioned. I’m neither your investment adviser nor your financial broker. Consult with your broker before start to trade any securities. Futures and options on futures trading involve substantial risk and is not a suitable investment for all type of investors. The information given is intended to be an aid to your own investment process, and your investment actions should solely be based upon your own decisions and research.