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Occupation Senior Administrator
Location Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
Introduction I am a daughter, an aunt, a confidant, a best friend. I am a fighter, a brunette, a lover, a nerd, a lasting impression. I am a stubborn ass, a smart ass, a cute ass, a pain in the ass. I am a cowgirl, a sports fan, a music fanatic, a writer. I am a wanderer, a homebody, a talker, a hermit. I am a port in life's storm, an unfinished story, a mystery. I am a winner, a loser, a sinner, a God-believer. I am a worker, a doer, an achiever, a promise-keeper. I am a vision, a horizon image, a last-minute decision. I am a life-saver, a traffic-stopper, a world-shaker. I am a quiet night, a warm smile, a spirit-lifter. I am a smoky fire, a wink of the eye, a home. And while I firmly believe I am a better me than anyone could ever be, why do I feel like the girl on bended knee that no one can see?
Interests Reading, Writing, Pencil Sketches, Art, History, Charmed, People, Nature, Internet Stumbling, Blogging
Favorite Music Hip-Hop, Rock

Radio wire is often used to make bird nests. What station do they listen to?

Bird FM?