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We are all asked in life to describe who we are, but which facet of life bests describes the fine details of you are as an individual?? I am a wife and a best friend, a daughter, a sister and an aunt.

By day I am a biomedical engineer and clinician at a children's hospital. To the kids that I see at work I am a play mate, a mentor, and if I'm really lucky I'm a funny friend.

I started my store out of a need to express who I am outside of all of those things. I love to craft and I love to design. I like to call the fabric store near my house my "happy place". My attention span with crafts is short, so you will see it evolve into whichever facet grabs my attention that month. It might be clothes or purses, knitted mittens or socks, cards or quilts.

So for right now, crafting is just a hobby I'd like to share with everyeone, one day it might just turn into something more than that.

Thank you for checking out my blog and finding out a little bit more about who I am as a person and a store owner!