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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Captain of the U.S.S.Dork
Location Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Introduction For now I'll tell you I think Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie. I think Jackie Brown is better than Pulp Fiction. I think R.E.M. has songs with lyrics that are crazy just for the sake of being crazy. I think there are many good people with good intentions in politics. I think spiders are scarier than almost anything else, including snakes. I think 24, House, Lost, and Numbers are the best shows on TV. I think angry music is music made by suckers and for suckers and doesn't do anything to help the artist or the listener feel better. I think police officers are in general a good bunch of noble servicemen who really are just trying to protect us. I think conspiracy theories are silly. I think it's strange that liberals are against the death penalty but not abortion. I think it's weird that conservatives are against abortion but in favor of the death penalty. And, perhaps most importantly, I think strawberry milk is much tastier than regular milk and even chocolate milk.
Interests God, politics, current events, hockey, sports in general, movies, music, hockey, becoming supreme ruler of all things blog
Favorite Movies Out of Sight, Unbreakable, Almost Famous, Matrix, Seven, Finding Nemo, Cable Guy, White Christmas (childhood sentimental vote), That Thing You Do, Iron Giant, LOTR trilogy, Arsenic & Old Lace, Demolition Man (I know it's awful, shut up), Slap Shot, Spinal Tap, The Incredibles, Spiderman2, The Shawshank Redemption, Groundhog Day, and many more that I'll add throughout time.
Favorite Music Switchfoot, Owsley, U2, Guster, Aimee Mann, Feel, Phantom Planet, Rooney, Stevie Wonder, Barenaked Ladies, Jump, Sheryl Crow, Counting Crows, (heck, I like the Black Crows too), and many more that I'll add later.
Favorite Books I'm reading through some classic stuff I never read in school: Once and Future King, Catch 22, Catcher in the Rye, C.S. Lewis' space trilogy, and a few others. Fun books I've read before: LOTR Trilogy and The Hobbit, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Tom Clancy books, and even some Grisham.

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

Yes. Yes it did. Except it was red....because it was strawberry I guess the answer is no. It looked more like Mars.