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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Musician/Pizza Delivery Driver
Location Youngstown, Ohio, United States
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Introduction Third Class began as a product of three feral “children” who were adopted by kind parents and given instruments but no musical instruction. Over one hundred and twelve years of what might be called practice – but which also could be called the reinvention of music – the three wild children, locked in a padded room, broke guitar strings and keyboards and drumheads, rebuilding and innovating the tools of their craft until the instruments they used had no hope of being readily recognizable to modern musicians but rather seemed like weapons and torture devices from the future. At first, the music they made with their sci-fi nuitars and kianos was partially recognizable as noise, though would never be categorized as music, at least not by humans. However, over a period of thirty-seven decades, the children, who had since grown into young “men” and had left their padded room, developed a musical styling which was not wholly unbearable to others. In fact, with time and repeated exposure, some even began to enjoy the music which those who later became known as Third Class produced.
Interests Writing Music, Studying English, Writing Poetry, Watching Rockumentaries, Walking In The Rain, Sliding On Slip-and-Slides, Reading, Going Ape, Listening To Music, Having Conversations, Eating, Living In Apartments, Recording Music, Playing Ping-Pong, Performing Music, Playing Frisbee, Making Top-5 Lists, Going To Concerts, Studying Mass Media, Going To Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Drinking Reed's Ginger Brew, Studying Psychology, Going On Sheetz Runs, Staying Up Late, Driving, Going To Louisville, Kentucky, Riding Bikes, Hanging Out In Basements, Teaching, Swimming.
Favorite Movies Bamboozled, Be Kind Rewind, Harold And Maude, The Truman Show, American History X, Fight Club.
Favorite Music Radiohead, The Mountain Goats, Nick Drake, The Beatles, R.E.M., Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, Kings Of Leon, Hanson, John Coltrane, Rufus Wainwright, Bright Eyes, The Roots, Laura Nyro.
Favorite Books Invisible Man, Possession, Love Poems, Drift Of The Hunt, Blood & Bones, The Call Of The Wild, The Sun Also Rises, As I Lay Dying, Bad Dirt: Wyoming Stories 2, Turtle Island, Danger On Peaks, Chinese Handcuffs, Snowy Day, Frog And Toad Are Friends.

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

Why does everybody always say "it's going" when I ask them how it's going?