Sean Marie

About me

Gender Female
Location Northern VA
Introduction Hi, I’m Sean. I’m really terrible at writing interesting or flattering things about myself, probably because no such things exist in my personality. I can tell you the boring basics about myself though. I’m married with one child, live just outside of Washington DC, hate cooking, love drinking, find domestic roles like laundry and crafts are not my calling in life and I really like four letter words. I was born in Colorado and moved to Northern Virginia as a young child. I grew up here with my parents and three siblings. I met my husband, Matt, in early 2007 and we were married on May 28th, 2011. Our daughter, Natalie, was born on December 4th, 2011. I work a couple of soul crushing days a week at a hair salon as a receptionist. My only real hobby is blogging (if you consider that a real hobby) and after writing this about me page I've found I am even more mundane than I thought before. Welcome to my blog!