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About me

Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation WALIS
Location Praha, Czechia
Introduction I often feel as NRG acted upon, often inert until I meet with other frequencies that attract. Until then I tend to busy myself with 'small things' - scurry, scurry, click, click
Interests Words and Numbers, unfolding art and irrepressible music. TaiChiChuan and Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Walking and looking, SynchRowMysticism and its offshooting trajectories
Favorite Movies Ealing Comedies, Catch-22, Terry Thomas films, Monty Python and T.Gilliams, St.Trinians, Noggin the Nog, The Sharpness of Kendall Quig, Holidays and Marathons, Feldspars War, Archaeleon the Magmanaut
Favorite Music Fela Kuti, Frank Zappa, Parliament/Funkadelic, Brian Eno, Fairuz, Voudoun Drums, a million beats whose names I'll never know, Tackhead, X-Ray Spex, Buzzcocks, one hit wonders
Favorite Books Meddling with Railways A Primer - Edwin Vortigern, Stubble and Lice - Jack. E Collins, The Spurious Case of the Man in the White House - A.Conning-Doyle, How to Bitch Quick - Vapid Delouise, Sterling Work Arrows! - Sir Magellan. R Thiefharbourer K.P.M.G., D.S.O, The Beetlefanciers Ball - K.Tharsis, Overland from Giza via Esfahan to K2 - The Pointer Sisters