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Introduction I am a book nut- read everything from YA, to cozy mysteries to even a little erotica now and then- and love to share with others which ones are great and which ones are not so great- If you are an author and or publisher and would like me to review a book, please email me at I run a monthly cozy bookclub so we are always looking for a new cozy to read and talk about. How did I become a Queen? Well I knew I was addicted to cozy mysteries, I had a ton of money spent on Amazon, I should have owned stock. I started to realize I had a bit of an addiction when Amazon would suggest other books for you to read, I had read about 99.9% of them already- and all my friends know that if they need a good book to read, I am the girl for them- at one of our last book club meetings I confessed I was a cozy addict and a nice lady told me, Samantha, addict doesnt sound good, you are a cozy queen, and so I am.