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Location Miami Beach, FL, United States
Introduction I'm an IT consultant by trade... I travel to my clients everyday, all over Miami-Dade county. What most people don't seem to 'get' is that I do so by bicycle. For the most part, cycling is my zen, my chance to become one with my environment. Unfortunately there are plenty of drivers out there intent on making me one with the road - literally. Here I document these close brushes with death and dismemberment. I've had more than my fair share of close calls and usually due to someone being too busy texting, calling or putting on makeup to notice that there is a vehicle weighing in at well under 2 tons right near them. Cyclists all over the world will understand - this happens all the time. Drivers don't respect the destructive power of the weapon they wield. Yes, I said weapon… have you ever had some one step on the gas, with the sole intention of running you over?! I have. All I can hope is that non-cyclists see these videos, and maybe as a result are a little more careful next time they see a bike out of the corner of their eye. All I really want is to live to bike another day