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Location Astatula, Orlando, FL
Introduction My name is Cindy and I would really love to write that I live a glamorous, exotic and mysterious life, traveling the world and lounging on the beaches of Monte Carlo. In reality, I was a city-dwelling (DC and Atlanta) human resource executive for 25 years who gave that all up to become an independent artisan and farm hand. I’ve officially joined the “country club,” that is, I’ve traded in my sleek convertible Thunderbird for a pickup truck, traffic snarls for unpaved roads, cocktail parties for working the pasture, and my gym membership for running screaming from snakes, bears, bobcats and wild boar! My old, daily routine of corporate hair, makeup and suits has been replaced with Crocs, Chapstick and bug spray and I spend my days creating treasures from my growing horde (obsession) of vintage textiles. I will admit that occasionally, while cleaning the chicken coop (translation = mucking up the chicken poo), I nostalgically miss my pearls and heels, and wonder how I ended up here ~ then I think, pft!, my now rural, retro reality beats the rat race of my former urban life any day!