About me

Location United States
Introduction Hi there and welcome to 9Peas. You should know that my kids, my husband, and my faith are my life. I love sharing recipes, blogging, juicing, all things Southern. We do try to eat healthy, but are very practical when it comes to a grocery budget and what we enjoy. I have a love of good food, my faith and family celebrations! In June of 2015 we began a Plant Based Journey. I will be sharing those recipes as we learn, discover and grow in this healthier way of nourishing our body. In fact, Nourish has become a motto for our family. We want to Nourish our children Spiritually (we are Catholic), Physically, and Emotionally. It is what we strive for, but we are human and fail as often as we succeed. Quilting, needle work and knitting are talents I want to improve and I share a lot of those projects here as well. 9Peas is a glimpse into our life, which by definition is not a permanent thing. When you see our family here, it is because I want to capture us as I see us and where we are in these moments. We have plenty of flaws, problems, ups and down, please do not forget that as you read . I enjoy sharing this journal and keeping special memories on 9Peas.