About me

Location United States
Introduction Hi, I'm Kathryn (Kathy) who stands tall at 4 ft 11 and a half inches. You should know that my kids, my husband, and my Catholic faith are my life. I love sharing recipes, blogging, juicing, all things Southern, Nacho Cheese Doritos {just being honest here}and I'm a Die Hard 'Gone With The Wind Fan' too. We do try to eat healthy, but are very practical when it comes to a grocery budget and what we enjoy. I have a love of good food, my faith and family celebrations! Quilting, needle work and knitting are talents I want to improve and I share a lot of those projects here as well. 9Peas is a glimpse into our life, which by definition is not a permanent thing. When you see our family here, it is because I want to capture us as I see us and where we are in these moments. We have plenty of flaws, problems, ups and down, please do not forget that as you read . I enjoy sharing this journal and keeping special memories on 9Peas.