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Gender Female
Industry Business Services
Occupation small diapered people; bag lady for Darfur
Location Canada
Introduction lives in her head, making the simplest things complex; is drawn to the oddest things, thinks in swirly and coloured bits, fears numbers,(the numerical variety, not the book) thinks Jesus had an excellent viewpoint, rarely remembers to de-hair or apply cosmetics, loves critters, and there's more. Much more.
Interests fabric, coffee, well brewed people, chenille, cats, old stuff, collections, vignettes, old curtains, dumpsters, thrift shops, turqoise, cannisters, DIY, creativity, writing, overanalyzing everything

What's the earliest you've gotten up to watch cartoons and what did you see?

Yeah. Thanks for that. Thanks for telling like... the WHOLE INTERNET that I grew up without television. Thanks a whole freaking lot.