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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Occupation Substitute Teacher
Location Vineland, NJ, United States
Introduction Hi my name is Sean Kennedy. I'm born and raised in the city of Vineland in New Jersey. I started my college off at La Salle, but graduated with Farleigh. My degree is in History with a minor in Business/technology . I enjoy reading and learning about astrophysics, politics, economics, technology, engineering, physics, reality, philosophy, and religion, but in the end I'll read and learn basically anything that will better my stance as a well rounded individual. In the end, im a just a middle class young adult trying to bring this life to the next level, and what better time then now. Everything on my page are deeply researched topics where i give credit where credit is due, and my thoughts should be respected as well, so if you take anything from my page just source it. My words are free just as as long as you comply to what i say to thee. It is unfortunate that many people, corporations, and political figures take my ideas and thoughts and make them their own without acknowledging where the real source of the idea, knowledge, or design came from
Interests Baseball, Astronomy, Basketball, Designing, Reading, Spending Time with my friends, playing COD and kinect sports 2(best game ever), working out(P90x changed my life working out is fun again), pingpong is my absolute favorite sports though and i do my best thinkig when i play, and just doing normal 22 year old stuff
Favorite Movies Edge of Darkness, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Half Baked, Angels and Demons, Harry Potter(i started reading them in 5th grade and never stopped) i read goblet of fire in 2 days lol i couldn't put it down.
Favorite Music Drake, Anberlin, Meek Mill, Wale, Tyga, The Weekend, Chris Brown, Coheed and Cambria(the older ablums), J Cole(his word play is amazing, hes the only one in my opinion that is close to drake lyrically), Big Sean, Jay-z, Nas, Rush, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Taylor Swift. I like anything that sounds good no matter the genre
Favorite Books Physics of The Future, Understand Holography, The Elegant Universe, Social Darwinism in American Thought, The Biography of Frederick Douglas, The End of Discovery, american genesis, e=mc2:the biography of the equation, The New Deal, A Time Before History, The Perils of Prosperity, Scientific America, Time Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, Wall Street Journal(but now you have to pay more for it then ever), and of course Harry Potter(i saw the last one in imax, and i think they only other timei was so excited for anything was when i looked into my first telescope)