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Industry Student
Occupation Attempting to retain a waterfall of knowledge in a 5-gallon brain.
Location United States
Introduction I'm a broke, sleep-deprived 3rd year at Medical College, otherwise known as the "Concentration" camp. This is a mostly futile attempt to retain my sanity in an insane world of study while cataloging the varied activities with which I complicate my life.
Interests organic gardening, working out, swimming/snorkeling, lightweight backpacking, art
Favorite Movies Action/Adventure, Comedy

What would you name your ballet inspired by the sight of children leaping through a garden sprinkler?

Twinkletoes. No, that sounds like a racehorse...or maybe a hooker/"exotic dancer"? ..."Summer Pleasures"...nah, that's a body spray or again, possibly a hooker. "Child at Play"...sounds like a painting from the 1600s. "Dance of Innocents"...maybe? Who am I kidding, I wouldn't be writing a ballet anyway!! (a poem, perhaps).