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Gender Male
Industry Transportation
Location United Kingdom
Introduction It would be nice (I suppose) to have some great claim to fame that I could put in here. Or to be able to tell you about all sorts of amazing things that I have done so that you feel all inspired to hang on to my every word. But I can’t. - Sorry. To be honest, I’m not really anyone in particular. So, I’m afraid, I can’t give you any particular reason to read my blog(s) other than this: If you like what I say or find it in any way interesting - read on. (I hope that I can in some small way brighten your day, encourage you, bring a smile to your face or give you pause for thought.) If you don’t like what I say or are not interested, don’t. You may also notice, if you do choose to read my blogs, that I am a Christian. I realise that to some people that is a bit like, say, admitting to being addicted to singing lullabies to daisies - probably harmless, but a bit soft in the head. However, to try to reassure you a little about my sanity, I have put together a few posts to explain some of my reasons for holding that belief. You can read those here: "You believe that stuff?"
Interests Christianity, photography, my family, learning new things