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Occupation Writer
Location West Coast, United States
Introduction As a woman of a certain age, I awoke one morning and rediscovered my youthful desire to become a writer. To practice my dormant skills, I started posting silly stories and poems to entertain the many fans of, what was then an almost unknown but rapidly rising actor, Scottish hottie Gerard Butler. In order to post on his IMDB movie message board, I created the posting name zonistonate, which I borrowed from the lovely Italian song Canzoni Stonate. As I became more comfortable with my first internet postings, Zoni quickly became my alter ego (my 25 year old self) and Stonate (sto-nah-te) became my pet name for the actor and some time muse. As most of these writings will show, he not only rekindled my early interest in things Scottish, but by tickling my funny bone with some of his personal antics and, by displaying a sartorial acumen that can only be described as "splendidly eclectic" and quite his own, he earned my grateful and everlasting affection.