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Introduction Tribe True, Fried & Blue.
Favorite Movies ........."But they aint done with him. Because, see boy, this farmer still has his his culture and that scares them; his roots, based in independence, even rebeliousness, his countriness if you will...so what do they do about that? Well that's where them multimedia corporations step in...they begin to bombard their...their new company man with caricatures and stereotypes of hisself...Gomer Pyle, Dukes of Hazzard, Beverly Hillbillies, Hee Haw, so on and so forth til finally he can't trust his own reality...he don't know what it is no more. He starts ACTING country instead of BEING country, until one day he'll...he'll...he'll be like a...like a Scotsman who puts on his kilt once a year to celebrate his Scotishness. Until finally this man, this farmer who once worked on the land, and with the land, can be controlled so he won't question his purpose making rivets or working in front of a computer screen from 9 to 5 for five days a week for 40 years until he gets downsized and dies...or worse...takes his severance pay and retires to Branson, Missouri." From The Accountant, a film by Ray McKinnon, winner of the Academy Award for Best Short Film
Favorite Books Every other person on the street was the failed consort of one muse or another. One met them everywhere. The would be guitarist who just couldn't find time to practice, the would be novelist who developed an allergy to solitude, the would be actress too weak to withstand domestic and materialistic urges, the would be poet who found it easier to get drunk on booze than language, the would be film maker who for lack of pluck ended up in advertising, the singer, the potter, the dancer, who for want of that extra volt of verve, that extra enzyme of dedication, that extra candle power of courage were doomed to paper the walls of their lives with frustrated fantasies and secret dissatisfactions. -Tom Robbins