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Introduction I am married to a good man, Jeffery, and have four daughters, one son, all married to the best of companions, all of whom are kind and good, encouraging me in spite of my failings. We are “Bodhi and Amia” to our growing flock of treasured grand children. We have a large supportive extended family whom we admire and don't see often enough, and inspirational friends who fill in for them. I enjoy swim classes, walking in the sunshine, biking along the beautiful Columbia River, having meaningful discussions, reading history, biographies and mysteries, improving myself and things, dejunking, simplifying, visiting with interesting people and seeing new places. I am grateful to be an American, a wife and a mother and especially grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ to whom I owe everything.
Interests What interests me? Personal growth and improvement. My husband and family, the stability and success of my country, the well being of my friends and neighbors, and the quest for a more pure heart and nature. Oh, and also, edible landscaping, sewing, biking, reading history and mysteries, and cooking now and then especially since I now cook almost exclusively for an easily satisfied customer, (my husband!).
Favorite Movies Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Predjudice, What about Bob, Monsters inc, . I loved the BBC series Foyles War, and the Netflix series Blue Bloods for characters who show courage intergrity and value extended family.
Favorite Music Enya, Kenny G, Everything but the Girl, Jazz, Susan Boyle, and Hapa to name a few.
Favorite Books The list is long and diverse: A Severe Mercy, Living a Beautiful Life, Square foot Gardening, The Hiding Place, Approaching Zion, Leadership and Self-Deception, The anatomy of Peace, the Total Money Makeover, How to Talk to Anyone, ANYTHING BY CS LEWIS, Will the real Heretics stand up?, A.Lincoln:Gods Humble Instrument, Animal Vegetable Miracle, The Real George Washington., , Essentialism, Happier, Better than Before......And on and on. I am currently reading, the Five Thousand Year Leap, and was inspired by The Other Emminent Men of Wilford Woodruff, and never stop being taught and uplifted by scripture, especially the Bible and Book of Mormon.