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Location Arab, Alabama
Introduction My name is Brandy. I am happily married to the greatest guy. We have four children I have a grandson, you figure it out. I am very out-going, out-spoken, open minded and very opinionated. I don't care what others think about me. I was born on May 6. I ♥ frogs I'm currently studying computer science. I usually can't tell you who-sings-what, so don't ask me. I don’t watch much tv. I love thunderstorms. I'm usually quiet and shy, till I get to know you, then I can be loud. I can count all of my true friends on one hand. I'm probably not who you think I am, your imagination isn’t that good. I can and will (if need be) kick your ass, don’t believe me, just push me. I HATE to be used. I know more about cars than you think a girl should. I don’t strive to please you, get over it. I hate to stay home. I'm stubborn and opinionated. Hence, I always think I'm right. I think in a million different directions. Don't try to keep up. I love to travel. Anyone who comes between me and my family had better step back… it may get you hurt. I'm a nice person until you ruin it. My bitch mode is fully functional. Try me. ~♥~
Interests I adore **my man** flip flops** being with friends** being outdoors** hearing oppinions** animals** summer** swimming** taco bell** frogs** drawing** sleeping while it's raining** reptiles** ice cream** tattoos** chicken** ranch dressing** I despise: X Dieting. X Labels. X Hypocrites. X Egotistic individuals. X Idiots. X Police. X Animal abusers. X Bad parents. X Liars. X Users. X Whores. X Assholes. X Immaturity. (It can be fun, but there is a limit.) X Inconsiderate smokers. X Severe weather. X People who own beachfront property. X people who look down upon me for who I am and the things I do X Fake people X Being talked down to. X Hospitals. X Shaving. X Being rushed. X Having a limited amount of free time. X Being cold. X Wearing shoes. X Moving. X Funerals. X Seeing people cry. X Stereotypes. X "It's who you know, not what you know." X People who don't do their jobs. X Banana flavored snacks. X Shoes X People who know everything X Dead beat parents X Spiders X Staring. X Arguments. X Shopping
Favorite Movies I like any Adam Sandler moovies, The Fast and the Furious, all three of them, most comedies, I am not a big movie buff, so if i'm gonna watch it, it has to catch and hold my attention within the first fifteen minutes.
Favorite Music I listen to pretty much anything from Country to Rock, R&B to Rap, Techno/Dance to Oldies, It all depends on my mood at the time.
Favorite Books Oh, the Places You'll Go, by Dr. Suess, if you haven't read it, you should. **. I hate to follow in someone else's thought pattern. I enjoy voicing my own opinions, and I attempt to shy away from the stereotypical beliefs imposed on us by society. The possibility that who I have become may only be the fabricated result of society's suffocating influence is sickening, and I do not cherish the concept that we are merely products of our society.**. I love to proofread anything & everything for grammatical errors. It's a habit, and I do it constantly. However, I am probably one of the world's worst spellers, so spell check has become one of my very best friends.**. I have sock issues. I hate socks and shoes… so when I get to where I am going, both come off.** . I am very flexible.**. I need some sort of speech rehabilitation program to stop the established flow of obscenities that grace my lips each day**. People tease me about my method for proper Oreo consumption. I don't like plain Oreos, so I dunk them in milk like almost everyone else in the world. However, I break them, put them in a cup and fill the cup with milk, and eat them with a spoon.**. Don't ask me if I would like a piece of your gum because the answer is generally going to be no! I don’t like it.

If you drive on a parkway why don't they make the whole plane out of that?

3 random facts. 1. It takes a lot to embarrass me… 2. I don't forgive easily, and I damn sure won't forget. Ever. 3. I may seem confident, but I question myself often, but you’d never guess it on your own