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Introduction I used to post every week, until I discovered sites run by Muslims that were doing this better than I was. (especially loonwatch.com) Neverthless, there is still some information here that I hope you find useful. Please feel free to comment. I am not a Muslim, but I know that Islam deserves respect. Some Islamophobes think it is impossible to make a humane religion based on the Koran. Some Islamic extremists support that claim by saying it is blasphemy to name a Teddy bear Muhammad. I think it is blasphemous to name a terrorist Muhammad. I believe Muhammad was a "gem among stones",and I hope my thoughts might help Muslims apply the wisdom of his tradition to the modern world. As a philosopher, I often study sentences of the form if P then Q, without judging the truth value of P. The sentence of that form I consider here is: If I believed the Koran were the revealed word of God, then…. what? How would I respond to current world events, and to moral choices in my personal life? Let there be no compulsion in religion, but let there be skillful use of both ijtihad and qiyas as we discuss and celebrate our differences.
Favorite Movies The Kite Runner, Three Kings.
Favorite Music Hindustani Classical
Favorite Books The Taqwacores, Nine parts of Desire, Anything by Karen Armstrong.