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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Occupation Deep Thinker
Location Philippines
Introduction In the country dubbed as the only Christian nation in Asia, an atheist journeys. Yes, I am Filipino and I am an atheist.

But I am not just an atheist. I am also a lifelong seeker. Education and learning never stops. I am a Filipino atheist in search of answers to life's deepest questions. My atheism is not exactly accepted and is frowned upon in my family and in my country. Nonetheless, I press on for I find joy and liberation in my unbelief. I may die not finding answers to all my questions, but I will die with no regrets. I will face my death peacefully knowing that I have learned much from my short but meaningful life.
Interests Atheism, Atheists, Agnosticism, Agnostics, Deism, Deist, Pantheism, Pantheists, Skeptics, Philosophy, Freethought, Freethinkers, Philosopher, Web Development, Computer Games, Gaming Console Games, Anime, Sitcoms, CSI, Movies, Writing, Debate