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Gender Male
Industry Internet
Occupation Professional Slacker
Location Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom
Introduction I am a strange banana
Interests Blogging, Role-Playing, Dungeons & Dragons, Gardening, Reading, Email, Internet Browsing, First-Person Shooters, Online Gaming, My Children, Online Comics, Case Modding, Skinning & Theming Windows, Writing, LARP, CSI, Badger Badger Badger, Only In Kenya, Congenital Heart Defects, CHD, Asplenia, MMORPG, World of Warcraft, Sims 2, Oblivion
Favorite Movies Far too many to decide - as long as it's not a chick flick (yawn) or horror/teen-slasher (more yawn) then I am probably there
Favorite Music Anything and everything, as long as it's not Country & Western *puke*.
Favorite Books Fantasy, Sci-Fi, J.V.Jones, Robin Hobb, Terry Goodkind, Tolkien... There are lots more - these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head! :)

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

Of course they are - there isn't much stabby-stabby action with a spoon.