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Industry Environment
Location Berkeley, CA, United States
Introduction I am a fat queer non-observant Jewish white femme from the West Coast of the U.S. closer to 50 than 40. I grew up mixed class with college-educated parents and grandparents in what some might say was a colorful and others might call bizarre, world.

I'm married to a butch and we have two children. We are a very queer, very regular, very leftist household.

I'm an artist, writer, corporate worker and fashion-loving, lipstick-wearing "bull in a china shop." I believe in learning for the sake of learning and education for everyone, regardless of test scores and pedigrees. I did not finish high school. I have a Master's degree in art.

I would rather say who I am than not and I would rather ask about who other people are then assume I know (although I do have hunches).