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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Location Dartmoor, United Kingdom
Introduction Rima Staines is an artist using paint, wood, word, music, animation, clock-making, puppetry & story to attempt to build a gate through the hedge that grows along the boundary between this world & that. Her gate-building has been a lifelong pursuit, & she hopes to have perhaps propped aside even one spiked loop of bramble (leaving a chink just big enough for a mud-kneeling, trusting eye to glimpse the beauty there beyond), before she goes through herself.

Always stubborn about living the things that make her heart sing, Rima has lived on wheels a few times in her life. She's currently rooted in mossy South Devon, halfway between moor and sea.

Rima’s inspirations include the world & language of folktale; faces of people who pass her on the street; folk music & art of Old Europe & beyond; peasant & nomadic living; magics of every feather; wilderness & plant-lore; the margins of thought, experience, community & spirituality; & the beauty in otherness.

Crumbs fall from Rima’s threadbare coat pockets as she travels, & can be found collected here, where you may join the caravan.
Interests folklore, strangeness, shamanism, travellers, medieval marginalia, stories, eastern europe, snow, old keys, puppets, early netherlandish painting, automata, children's rhymes, books, clogs, accordions, teapots, treehouses, roundhouses, klezmer, strange music, Siberia, forests, fires, wooden cow bells, dominoes, dice, stop motion animation, toy theatres, bulgarian singing, circus vehicles, gypsy caravans, languages, lettering, russian icons, small boxes, painting, illustration, halva, wood carving, hedgerows, wilderness, wondering, wandering, houses on wheels, medieval art, folk art, worn things, old and interesting characters, top hats, snow, wooden boardgames, herbal encyclopedias, superstitions, canal boats, tarnished silver, hurdy gurdies, clockwork, tree branches against the sky