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Introduction Jay Forrest - Zen Christian Mystic

I became a Christian when I was 19, and soon after felt the call into Christian ministry. I earned a doctorate degree in ministry. After being ordained, I pastored churches in Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arizona. After over two decades of ministry, I lost my faith.

In 2011, I dedicated myself to the study of Buddhism. I became a certified meditation teacher and took numerous university level courses in Buddhism. It was through Buddhism that I was led back to God and to Christ.

After returning to the Christian faith, I have merged my study of Buddhism with my dedication to Jesus Christ. From Buddhism, I bring the belief in rebirth and the practice of mindfulness meditation. I follow a rule of life laid out by the Third Order of the Society of St. Francis. This includes The Holy Eucharist, Penitence, Personal Prayer, Self-Denial, Retreat, Study, Simplicity of Living, Work, and Obedience.