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Gender Male
Industry Engineering
Occupation Project/Design Engineer
Location Crystal Beach, Florida, United States
Introduction This blog still represents my medical updates, but it has assumed another function - to help other patients with the same or similar conditions, or anything to be determined to be cancerous. Treatments for different types of cancer will vary a LOT, but some items MAY be common. I do occasionally inject (<-too many medical treatments) some posts about my other activities, for reader entertainment (hopefully). I may be late, or not report something, but rest-assured that I probably have a photo of it! :) On delays - seemingly random acts. I strongly desire to keep this site up to date, but other events may take priority and create delays. I wish I could clone myself ;), but the technology is not here yet. A very quick summary...
Interests Photography, Outdoors, Boating, Water, Penn State, Football, Bicycling