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Gender MALE
Occupation Chemist, Math Guy, and Computer Scientist
Location Borger, TX, United States
Introduction Primary Goal in Life: To be the 3rd nicest person in the Universe. I achieve this goal by constantly redefining the word 'nicest', which is currently 8735 words long in all its nuances and handling special incidents such as road rage and being attacked by wildlife. I wake up every day looking forward to the next friend that I will make, the piece of art that I will create, and the culinary discovery that makes my taste buds tumble. I not only have favorite pieces of music, I have favorite notes within those pieces.
Interests Exploring the Universe, Writing, New Tech Toys - satisfy my Sony addiction (Check out the new High Def camcorder HDR-CX7 at records to a memory stick, Playing w My Dog, Growing Tomatoes-May to Sep, Dreaming About Growing Tomatoes-Oct to Apr, Creating New Words, Spending Time w My Friends & Family, Experiments in Cooking - creating a new soup, Photography, International Culture Studies, Languages - Now: Japanese, Standup Comedy, Piano, TV Commercials, Designing Dynamic Product Logos, Sudoku, Poetry, The Bulwer-Lytton Writing Contest, Patterns & Symmetry, Play the monthly contest "Where Are You?" online at Conde Nast Traveler magazine, Play the monthly contest "Word Trips" online at Conde Nast Traveler magazine, Promoting Buffalo Meat Consumption, Skype, Kakuro
Favorite Movies The Blind Side, Cast Away, Dances With Wolves, Joe Vs. The Volcano, K-PAX, KPAX, Lost in Translation, Man on Fire, Nobody's Fool, Numb, The movie that I am writing that no one will ever get to see (probably), The Professional, (1994 Luc Besson), Starman, Zoolander
Favorite Music Andrea Bocelli, (-> 'Il Mistero Dell 'Amore' - singing this song is my favorite way to study Italian), Blue Man Group, Chopin, >( 'Nocturne in C# minor Opus Posthumous'), Coldplay, Jesse Cook, ->( 'Virtue' - play this at my funeral), Elton H. John, ->(Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters) George Winston, Itzhak Perlman, Jean Michel Jarre, R.E.M., Vangelis, Yanni, and My Own - Mainly Piano Compositions, and various movie soundtracks, but my dog's favorite is when I beat on him with my hands in a light percussive manner with a verbal jazzy scat while he follows along with a metronome tail - he thinks I am reaaaaaly cool - I am.
Favorite Books Bible, Authors:, Iain M. Banks, Robert A Heinlein, Aleksandr I Solzhenitsyn, Kurt Vonnegut

What was the stage name of your favorite actress before she was born?

What was the stage name of your favorite actress before she was born. That is the question that Google's blogger system gave me ... And ... I ... Am ... Thinking that their person who wrote that question should be fired. Fired? Yes, fired out of the largest cannon on earth for writing something so, so, so insanely unanswerable. So, here is my answer: Egg