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Industry Communications or Media
Location Brushtown, Pennsylvania
Introduction When I'm not busy plying my trade as a high-tech redneck, I can usually be found sittin' in a goose blind, runnin' turkey calls at the base of a tree or hangin' high in a deer stand, watchin' the world go by (or sleeping). If I'm not huntin' I'm usually workin' on bikes or trucks or catchin' up on some readin' or woodworkin'. I got a good woman and awesome family 'n friends that I spend a bunch'a time with... keeps me sane and full of good story ideas.

And now some legal BS...

I take a lot of pictures and some of them will wind up on here... take 'em if you want, just ask me before you repost or reproduce them. I ain't affiliated with any companies or organizations, although I might mention 'em once in a while. Any views, opinions or gripes are mine alone and shouldn't reflect on anyone else. Wanna clear yer mind or flap yer gums? Send your hate mail here .