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Location NJ, United States
Introduction Yours Truly-spends most of her time... thinking! Research and Sarcasm are my best friends...I like to call them my secret weapons! I make it my mission to understand, analyze, re-create, or improve something. If there is anything I don't comprende(yes, I went spanish on y', that I am trying to understand, then research it is...cause I'm just determined like that! In due time, everyone will know for theirselves, just how much of a patient and persistent person I am(ironic..seeing how I lose interest fast). My interests are: any and everything about hair-care; the ins and outs of cooking; progress, progress,progress and more progress;and success in anything I invest my time in! I strongly dislike feeling like something was a waste of my time..YES..IT MAKES ME VERY PISSED!LOVE LOVE LOVE PSYCHOLOGY!! Oh yeah...and male psychology fascinates the crap outta me!!!!Everything I do..I do with logic...there isn't any other way! My drive....the fact that my last breath hasn't left my body yet! I live for the possibility of it all-to see the day that L.I.F.E decides to start looking up for ME!!!
Favorite Movies Hard to kill| don't say a word| the glass house| boyz-n-the hood|takers| kill bill(both vols)| & holes
Favorite Music Rap| Hip-Hop & R&B| & some Po:P
Favorite Books The coldest winter ever| Using what you got| & True to The Game