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Gender MALE
Industry Publishing
Occupation Publisher, Writer, Cook, freelance authors agent, artist, fashion buyer, cosmologist and gardener
Location Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Introduction Our main passions are cooking, art, design, fashion, innovation and reading. We also love to garden as we both find it immensely therapeutic after a long day slaving in the kitchen or in front of the computer.
Interests E-Publishing Dog Walking Writing Cooking Fashion Cosmology Gardening Art Theoretical Physics Music Walking Good movies
Favorite Movies Love the old comedies; Naked Gun, Airplane, that sort of thing. Also, classics such as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill vol.1 and vol.2, Inception, Fight Club, The Shining and many many more. We're both kinda horror freaks and we do appreciate the horribly gruesome effects in things like Final Destination but also find quite compelling the strange twisted tales of The Tales from the Crypt or some of Hitchcocks short films. A strange mix I'm sure you'll agree.
Favorite Music Dubstep remixes are our current love but our combined tasted differ so much I fear we would fill this box and more. Basically, we follow good music, not bands or artists so we'll only listen to the stuff we like, not just the stuff by a particular artist. Neither of us like 'brand sheep' who blindly follow anyone regardless of what they release.
Favorite Books Penny Grubb's crime series, Danuta Reah crime novels, Sue Knight's poetry anthologies, Linda Acaster's Goddess trilogy. Loving sci-fi. The really old stuff by Asimov and Harry Harrison. Also, currently battling through Spike Milligans war diaries. Really funny but also quite harrowing in parts (as you can imagine). He is really good at disarming you with comedy then hitting you straight with the grim realities of war as he witnessed them first hand. A really underrated writer... not just a goon. Both me and Gabi have a lasting love of Terry Pratchett as his strange and wonderful discworld has been created so well and adhered to so masterfully that you can't help but get sucked in by the wierd and wonderful characters and situations he creates. I have a passion for cosmology and theoretical physics that stems mainly from an antipodean uncle who is currently doing wonderful high level stuff to do with the cosmos. He showed me Halleys Comet in the 1980s and I have held that passion ever since. I don't know if he knows he was the catalyst for my life long love affair with the stars, but he certainly showed me the sheer immensity of it all. Thanks John. A new writer being explored at the moment is Iain Banks. His sci-fi stuff leaps around so much in both type and construction that each book is like an entirely different author. Thus far though, all good ones.

Aren't papier mache cuts the worst?

Perhaps, until that fateful kitchen moment when you find yourself gently grating your knuckles as the onion/cheese runs out and you don't notice. Ouch.