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Industry Arts
Occupation Painter, and World Domination
Location Atlanta, Ga, United States
Introduction Long ago I gave up anything resembling a social life for painting.I like cartoons. I would like to move into the animation industry when I graduate. I wear a face mask all the time, even when i am smoking; because most of the paint I work with gives people cancer. Ironic? Perhaps. Oh and when right before I die of cancer, and or a motorcycle accident I plan on total world domination through Art. So let there be Art. www.myspace.com/katepinko
Favorite Movies Anything with, involving, about Steve McQueen. If he were alive, I would do him. Even though he'd be 76. He's just that cool, which is cooler than you will ever be.
Favorite Music I liked everything you did, before you, and I've forgotten more than you will ever know about it.
Favorite Books I read a lot more than some people with PhD's I know. Currently: Why I'm not a Christian, The complete Nietchze, Political and Socio Economic Climates in the Western Hemisphere, World History up to 1700 (the un-abridged version), Gonzo the art of Ralph Steadman, VICE magazine, how to paint and draw, How to draw the Human figure, Drawing Nudes, Please Kill Me, Stiff: a strange history of cadavers, Music History 1500-1920, Designing Space, Human Communication, What your history teacher didn't teach you, The people's history of the United States, Atlas of anatomy, Russian criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia, just about everything you ever picked up and thought looked cool. yep I've read it.

For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:

Change my mind, and just hire the plane to jump out of, because if I'm dumb enough to actually consider marriage just kill me.