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Occupation housewife
Location Lamesa, Texas, United States
Introduction I'm a housewife and mother of two teen girls. I'm on a constant journey to be a better me and hopefully a better mother, wife, and homemaker along the way. I'm home educating my girls and our basic educational philosophy is "find your passions and follow where they lead." The best way for me to teach them to do that is by doing it myself. As my passions evolve, this blog will evolve too.
Interests general geekery, cooking, domestic arts, music, people, places, books and reading, theater
Favorite Movies The usual stuff: Batman Begins, Steel Magnolias, PCU, Lost Voyage, Casablanca, The Sound of Music, that sort of thing.
Favorite Music All the musics. Except the reggaeton because that's not even real music. And my husband says calling something "not real music" is probably a sign of getting old.
Favorite Books Lies My Teacher Taught Me, America: The Last Best Hope, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Unbeliever, the Mercedes Lackey 500 Kingdoms and Elemental Masters series, and more

Never mind the turtle. Don't you think you're sure to win?

Probably so. I'm very competitive, you know.