The Drover

About me

Location Colorado, United States
Introduction Im that type of guy-you know the one-the one that shines in the spotlight, glows in the darkness, casts shadows on people who cant keep up with my quick wit, quirky conversations and charming flavor; and (maybe like you) I have an addiction. This blog is meant to detail my journey to sobriety, to clarity, to the spirit I used to have; my journey to become the person I used to love to be but forgot about some time during the past 10 years. I’m writing this for anyone who wants to get clean but may be afraid of what it involves. I know saying good bye to our good friend, addiction, is a scary thought. Maybe with a first hand, real time account of my struggle you will find the courage to retake what addiction has stolen. I’m writing for the people who love you despite your addiction and who deserve some answers about what its like to wake up every morning with a demon; what its like to desperately want to slay it- Super hero style! I am a total super hero in progress. I WRITE FOR MY PARENTS WHO’VE KEPT THE FAITH THAT ITS NOT HOPELESS AND I AM STILL IN THERE; THAT I WILL RETURN; MY SIBLINGS WHO BELIEVE I NEVER LEFT; AND ALEX, WHO SAVED MY LIFE IN MANY WAYS. MOSTLY I WRITE FOR IT ME.
Interests Language history, nutrition, politics, anything that makes you say, 'WHAT?!?I can't believe it!", John Grisham novels, trashy magazines like Star or US Weekly, the Discovery Channel, cooking, and of course my lil beagle.