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Introduction Hi, I'm Sarah and I like to make stuff. Ok seriously, I really enjoy being creative. I work in a technical field, but I find that I am a much more balanced person when I am creating things at home too. I guess it's because the items I create outside of work tend to give me more immediate satisfaction and allow me to express my artistic (and often girly side) that I don’t express much around all the guys and gears at work. My blog, Simply Fun Stuff, is about taking the opportunity to turn everyday things into something creative and fun. I post content every work day that is meant to be useful, inspiring, or at least fun. I really do hope you find some inspiration out of the ideas I share and that you will share some of yours with me. Please email me using the link to the left or leave a comment under my posts. I hope you also check out my shop at or ! Want to know more about me? Check out the FAQs and NSFAQs section.