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Occupation Professional Juggling School Dropout
Location Dillon, Colorado, United States
Introduction I am afraid of changing lightbulbs. I HATE feet. I hate condiments. Vinegar is disgusting. I check behind the shower curtain of people's houses because I'm the kind of person who would hide there to scare someone. When I was six I went to school with my coat and no shirt on. When I was 10 I didn't brush my hair for 4 months. My favorite errand is going to the library. I will pull things out of the trash to recycle them. I hate country music and jam bands. I have great aim when throwing things even though I can't play an upperbody sport to save my life. I like dark art. I trust scary looking people almost immediately.
Interests Anarchy, Foreign Language, Politics, Learning stuff.
Favorite Movies Baraka, The Big Lebowski, 1900, Old Skool, V is for Vendetta, Pan's Labryinth, Amelie
Favorite Music I like songs. But not stupid 60 minute songs by lame ass jam bands. I can think all by myself without a shitty soundtrack or drugs. I also don't like country. It makes me want to punch people. But Metal makes me want to snuggle, or ski, or drive fast. I like playing classical.
Favorite Books A prayer for Owen Meany, A Million Little Pieces, His Dark Materials Series, Harry Potter, Behind the Blindfold, Toni Morrison books, Chuck Palahniuk books, Mercer Meyer, Another Roadside Attraction... I like books.

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