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Introduction My name is Yasmin and I am a young and enthusiastic cook. My favourite selection of foods include anything sweet with citrus flavours. One of the first desserts I made was a traditional apple pie and exhilarating lemon meringue pie. One of the most frequent sweet foods I bake is Lemon Shortcake. These recipies are truely delicious and inspire me to persue my culinary dreams. The most interesting and influential factor in my cooking experience is the life long fact that I don't like chocolate!!! As a result of this I will not be displaying any chocolate related recipies on this blog. I believe people can still enjoy the feeling of sweet foods without the need to layer it in huge amounts of cocoa. That is just a little bit about my view on cooking. I hope you enjoy the satisfaction of cooking with these recipies, as I have. Please feel free to comment on any posts, I love to hear feedback, especially improvments or variations. I would be honored if you would like to share these recipes among friends in person, on your blog or by any other means as long as a hyperlink is sourced to the recipe on my blog. Thank you for visiting!
Interests My interests include; COOKING OF COURSE!, eating, reading sci-fi, reading cooking magazines, watching movies, talking with friends, nature, documentaries - especially presented by David Attenborough, playing board games, playing Sims, playing on DS, coin collecting, shopping
Favorite Movies My favourite movies include; Pirates of the Carribian series, Harry Potter Series, Finding Nemo, the Matrix, Angles and Demonds, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Doctor Who series
Favorite Music Katy Perry, Lady Ga-Ga, Taylor Swift, So Fresh, Hits for Kids, Floor Fillers
Favorite Books Harry Potter series, Maximum Ride series, Ulgy series, Artemous Foul series, House of Night series, Vampire Accademy series, Twilight series

Chicken monkey shoes?

Have I ever liked chocolate? Yes, in my childhood and in primary school sometimes. During primary school it changed each year!