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Introduction The married life is always dynamic and ever changing. One day you feel as if you are the happiest couple there is, next you feel like your relationship is going downwards fast.
Interests First, settle your monetary concerns by having a financial plan. Needless to say, you have to stick to the financial plan. Money may seem like an insubstantial cause of relationship problems, but it is also a very common reason for such issues. Many couples fight over money-whether it is because of lying about certain purchases or disagreeing about the purchase of a certain item or arguing on who should pay for certain bills or who should be in charge of certain expenses. Obviously, these are things you need to settle early on. Make the rules clear and the responsibilities clearer. Also, do try to save money for your future. Without a doubt, this will save you from future arguments and bickering and can prevent the need for relationship help. It is also important to acknowledge the role of sex and sexuality in a relationship. Many researches and surveys do say that sex (or, to be more precise, the need to have physical intimacy with a more attractive partner) is not the top reason for infidelity. Yet this doesn't mean you should take this part of your relationship for granted. Make sure you stay desirable for your husband, and make sure you still have the time for some intimacy. You do not need to schedule it (because if you do it will become more of a chore rather than something to desire) but make it a priority. And it's not the number of times you have sex either; it the level of pleasure and enjoyment you get. What matters is that you're both satisfied. This, after all, is one of your responsibilities as a wife-do make sure your husband is happy in all levels. But do remember that you should be pleasured by your husband too. Desire and pleasure works both ways. It seems rather peculiar, but apparently talking about your marriage and your relationship with other people helps prevent the need for professional relationship help.