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Introduction Michael Dorosh has written extensively on the subject of tactical wargames; his book Scenario Designer’s Guide has consistently been in the top sellers of the publisher’s website and has been reviewed favourably in View From the Trenches, “Britain’s Premier ASL journal”. He currently publishes and edits Tactical Wargamer’s Journal, which has received favourable mention in Panzer Digest and at consimworld. His gaming experience includes published scenarios on the official special edition release discs of Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin and Combat Mission: Afrika Korps, membership on the scenario design and beta test team of Combat Mission: Shock Force (for which he designed several of the initial release scenarios), and beta test credits for Airborne Assault and more recent work on Panzer Command: Ostfront. He has had articles published in Advanced Squad Leader Annual and View From the Trenches. His other interests include military uniforms, a subject he has had two books published on.