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Location Perche, France
Introduction This blog was started in June 2008 by a young sorrel Abyssinian cat called Sen-Chan and a slightly younger English Springer Spaniel called Tommy. The years that followed were full of hellos and goodbyes. Some, like Sen-Chan and Yuu-Chan, were lost very young. Other Abys like Sei-Chan, Bibi, and Genji stayed with us for quite a few years. But they too have gone now, as has Tommy. In the interim, several Percheron horses joined the family, starting with Vidock in 2010, Violette in 2012, and then Hotesse and Heloise in 2020. They contribute to the blog regularly. But the mainstays are Ollie, also an English Springer Spaniel, Tama, an Abyssinian queen who has been with us since late 2008, and Benkei (Benny), a little ruffian who joined us in 2021, followed by Momo in 2022, and another Aby boy, Ryƫ, in 2023.. We live in rural France, in a region called the Perche, which is famous for its heavy horses.
Favorite Movies "The Cat From Outer Space" (featuring a very handsome Abyssinian!).

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

Bamboo chopsticks, silly!